New Bern, NC, Attractions

There are so many things to do and things to see here that you'll have a hard time deciding which of the New Bern attractions to visit first. Many of the must-sees relate to the long and fascinating history of the town. Tyron Palace is a reconstruction of the mansion that served as the center of government for both the colony and the newborn state of North Carolina. Other houses and museums in the area give insight into the architecture, culture and life in New Bern of the past. Different tours, both guided and self-guided, provide opportunities to really get a feel for the town as it existed in days gone by. Just outside of town is the site of a Civil War battle at the New Bern Battlefield Park, which can also be explored via guided or self-guided tours. Other New Bern attractions include those found along the waterfront including parks and recreation areas. A day of boating, sailing or paddleboarding brings people in from all over to enjoy the Neuse and Trent rivers. Another large draw is the vibrant arts and culture environment of New Bern. Theater, music, galleries and exhibits are all among the attractions enjoyed by visitors to this community that boasts a hip and chic atmosphere in conjunction with classic small-town North Carolina charm. 

Enjoying New Bern, NC Attractions

Shopping is another of the New Bern attractions that draws people into town. Galleries, boutiques, antique shops and more provide plentiful opportunity to make a few purchases in addition to exploring the activities and institutions of the town. Be sure to make time in your schedule to shop because many of these stores offer unique selections of inventory. Wrap up the day with dinner and drinks at one of the waterfront or downtown restaurants, and you've just enjoyed a nice selection of the New Bern attractions, especially since many of these shops and restaurants are located in historic buildings that maintain many of the old-time architectural charms.