Shopping in New Bern, NC

While most wouldn't say that shopping is the calling card for New Bern – those cards might be small town charm and history – the ironic thing about New Bern shopping is that it combines both, particularly within the historic downtown area. All you have to do is park your car and start meandering in and out of the scores of interesting retail places and you'll soon find yourself appreciating both the present-day merchandise as well as the building that houses the shop. Stop and really observe what's surrounding you. On the ceiling might be the original metal-stamped decorative tiles that first graced the building some 200+ years ago. On the floor might be the wood planks that have seen generations of feet come and go. In the front show windows, you can pause and imagine what a shopkeeper all those years ago might have been featuring. Every building carries a history, and these days these New Bern, NC, shops are imaginative and enticing enough to keep you engaged in some retail therapy for hours. Art galleries abound and feature local, state and national works. Stylish dressers have plenty of stores to choose from. Specialty shops provide toys, oils and vinegars, wine and cheese, souvenirs, home goods, books, jewelry, pet supplies, hardware, sweet treats and more. And, in a town as historic as New Bern, shops that feature antiques will keep you moseying around to your heart's content. If you get a little weary, you can relax in a park, on a bench or at a coffee shop. Of course, there's more to New Bern, NC, shopping that just the downtown area. Several malls feature national stores you recognize such as Belk, Target, Walmart, T.J. Maxx, Sears, Bath & Body Works, Mattress Firm and more. If you know just what you need, these malls as well as the stores that line the bigger highways here, are great choices. But, if you want to appreciate the art of shopping, head downtown.

Special Shops in New Bern, NC

Some of the shops in New Bern, NC, carry very specialized lines of products. These are things that are found almost exclusively for sale right here. Is there a someone in your life who loves soda? New Bern is the birthplace of Pepsi Cola, and you can buy a memento to commemorate the birthplace of a this popular cola right in the drugstore where it was developed. The shops here are also a treasure trove if you have a friend or family member who is a student not just of history but of Colonial history in particular. And don’t overlook the popular town mascot, the bear, available in many forms to help you celebrate this charming waterfront town.