Restaurants in New Bern, NC

Restaurants in New Bern, NC, offer as many flavors as you have taste buds to appreciate them with. What you'll find ranges from simple, down home barbecue to seafood in every variation possible to Mexican to Cajun to Thai to Indian to Italian . . . get the picture? It's big city choices in small town charm. And where you can eat this food shows variety too. You might be on a rooftop. You could be sitting beside the water. Maybe you're in a beautifully restored and repurposed historic building. You could even be in a mansion. Restaurants in New Bern, NC, keep you exploring and discovering. And to make the dining experience even better, the bartenders create imaginative concoctions, and the brew tenders introduce you to crafts and drafts you might never have had before. As you would expect, there are coffee shops and bakeries to make a quick stop into in the morning, great little sandwich shops for an easy lunch and oh so many options for dinner. The range and quality of the dining experience in New Bern’s restaurants is one of the reasons this town is making its mark with visitors and those of us who decide to settle in here.

The How To on New Bern Restaurants

Despite the fact that restaurants in New Bern, NC, can boast of fancy locations such as a mansion, most of our options call forth a more laid back approach. All you really need to take the best advantage of the dining scene here is an appetite and a desire to enjoy yourself. The restaurants will take care of everything else!