New Bern NC Nightlife

New Bern nightlife reflects the vibe of this quiet coastal town. Many people imagine nightlife to be a high-energy evening full of dining, drinking and dancing. But that's not really what New Bern has going on. Nightlife in New Bern tends to revolve around its restaurants and pubs. There’s no shortage of great restaurants in town, and the pubs and bars of the area keep things lively until last call. After dinner hours you might catch a DJ, live acoustic music or a band, or you might even stumble upon a karaoke night. For many folks in New Bern, nightlife means a quiet dinner by candlelight, soft music and perhaps taking in a play or musical performance. The evening scene can match your mood whether you’re looking for fun and loud or quiet and relaxing. But you just might happen to notice a bit more electricity in the air if you happen to be out on the town during one of the big annual events that draws thousands of visitors to the area. The nightlife during Mumfest or the chili festival has that special quality that you only experience when you get tons of people all in the same area and all ready and willing to enjoy themselves. Be sure to check the calendar and plan your evening accordingly!

History and New Bern Nightlife

Many of the taverns, restaurants and other sites of New Bern nightlife are in the historic areas of town. After a nice meal or a few drinks, you can find yourself strolling along the same walkways as the movers and shakers of Colonial days and the politicians of the time when New Bern was the state capital. You're not just having fun, you're continuing a tradition that is hundreds of years in the making. 

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