New Bern Events: Daytime

As towns go, ours is on the smallish side. But that's only if you're talking strictly about the population. If you want to discuss opportunities for fun things to do during a day out on the town, we consider ourselves a small giant! Daytime New Bern events run the gamut of activities designed to engage adults and children all year long. Live entertainment makes up a large segment of the event roster and includes theater productions, music performances, concerts and more. In addition to the performing arts, you'll enjoy the opportunity to experience the visual arts at several area galleries and art tours. Some of the daytime New Bern events occur each year and have become honored traditions. Mumfest is one of these, drawing in nearly 100,000 visitors every autumn. Other annual events include biking and running activities, food and drink gatherings and even a celebration of the fine art of preparing, serving and eating chili. Because of the town's unique relationship with the Neuse and Trent rivers, you can find some interesting waterfront events taking place on any given day during warmer weather. Other activities and gatherings that you won't want to miss come along in conjunction with the holidays. Be prepared for a full calendar, because this is a town full of people who like to get together and have fun!

Historical Daytime New Bern Events

New Bern events in the daylight that relate to history are so plentiful that they must be discussed as a category of their own. New Bern has more than 300 years of history as a town, not to mention everything that occurred leading up to the time of the settlement. You can explore this heritage by participating in such events as ghost walks, home tours, lectures and workshops, garden tours and more.

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