New Bern Events: Community

The New Bern community has a long history of coming together for good causes, fun activities, celebrations and festivals. The historic streets, the waterfront and the downtown have seen hundreds of years of New Bern events, and there's no reason they won't see hundreds more. The wide variety of people who live and visit here are reflected in the many different gatherings that take place in the form of sporting events, classes, educational programs, group and club meetings, lectures, demonstrations and more. Many of these New Bern events are tied directly to the culture and history of the town. Colonial government and state government, the Civil War and the historic districts are all interests that serve as focal points for people to come together. Other events relate directly to the unique geography enjoyed by the community and showcase the rivers, forests, gardens and other aspects of nature. The parks make great meeting places. Many of the floral attractions in the area are the subjects of attention from people with a gardening interest as well as those who are history buffs. Between a vibrant downtown area, outdoor resources such as the Croatan National Forest and the Trent and Neuse rivers, visual and performing arts and a strong historical and cultural heritage, you'll never want for community attractions and gatherings in New Bern.

New Bern Events and the Waterfront

One aspect of the community New Bern events that deserves further investigation is the water. New Bern is known as a water-oriented town, and many events on the surrounding waters bring the community together, especially during warmer weather. The area where the Trent flows into the Neuse sets the tone for so much of the town's personality. If you're not a boater already, no worries! Some events might turn you into one. But you can appreciate this aspect of New Bern life from dry land too.

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