Annual Events in New Bern, NC

Towns that were established a long time ago enjoy celebrating their history and their connection with the past. Since New Bern is one of the oldest towns in North Carolina, you can understand why New Bern annual events are so highly regarded. We honor tradition and we like to have a sense of continuity through time – to celebrate where we started and the journey along the way. Some of New Bern’s annual events have their roots hundreds of years ago, while others are relative newcomers at only a few decades old or even younger. New Bern annual events can be celebrations of history or the arts, they can be get-togethers to enjoy food and cuisine or they can be athletic endeavors and sporting competitions. The local gatherings that take place each year can range from a thousand or so like-minded individuals meeting to explore area homes and gardens or Mumfest, which draws more than 100,000 festival participants. Regardless of the size, when an event lends itself to taking place over and over, year after year, it’s likely to become one of the town’s cherished traditions.

Culinary New Bern Annual Events

Some of the gatherings that are most enjoyed each year are the New Bern annual events that have to do with food. One of the biggest get-togethers of this type pits chili chefs against one another, and festival-goers reap the benefits of the competition. Food is also a key element in many other annual events, so when you come to a celebration or festival, be sure to bring along your appetite as well.